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An original book, by a radical thinker, that provides an important perspective on the Internet – and how it is shaping our lives.

  • The author is one of the workd’s most respected thinkers and practitioners in marketing and business.
  • Insightful commentary and predictions on the effect the Internet is having on people’s lives.
  • Provides expert analyses on what companies and brands must do to respond to these changes.
  • Author is an excellent self-promoter; wide business and general media coverage expected.

Book Details

  • Publisher: LID Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-907794-61-2
  • FORMAT: 198 x 130mm
  • Bookbinding: Hardback
  • Number of pages: 160pp


Andy Law is one of the world’s most respected and radical thinkers and practitioners in marketing and business. He is the author of Open Mind and Implosion.

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Only Connect

The art of corporate storytelling

Author: Robert Mighall A coherent story can make you better understood, believed in and trusted. So why is the business world only just discovering its power? This book draws on the psychology, history, and of course, the greatest works, of storytelling to show how modern businesses can communicate more effectively and creatively. Robert Mighall explains why story has a universal power to move people. He shows how to build a compelling core story, and apply that across a range of communications. And he demonstrates how trends in social media and content marketing are making this most ancient communication art ever more urgently relevant. What the corporate world needs most, story does best: establish the human connections upon which trust is build. And this book explains how.  
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Party Marketing Quick View

Party Marketing

The easiest way to successful marketing

A different and entertaining way of looking at the key drivers of successful marketing.
● Original perspective on marketing, based on the metaphor of the party.
● Written in a narrative form, this is an accessible, at times humorous guide to marketing aimed at managers and entrepreneurs of all levels.
● Written by a frontline practitioner who understands the real challenges faced in marketing and sales today.
● Strong PR and online marketing campaigns at launch stage.
  Author: Harrold Moe  
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Madison Avenue Manslaughter

Michael Farmer, a respected business strategist with 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, documents the dizzying heights of the original Mad Men days and the long, steady slide to today. He outlines the step-by-step process that led agencies into their current strategic trap, caught between fee-cutting clients and profit-hungry owners. He offers key insights into how senior agency executives can restore their agencies to health and deliver improved results to their clients, liberating them from the gloom of Madison Avenue’s Manslaughter.

Author: Michael Farmer

Book Details

  • Publisher: LID Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-9969433-8-3
  • FORMAT: 234 x 156mm
  • Bookbinding: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 224
E-Book Version
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Rethinking Luxury

Asia, ethics and everything digital are the future of the luxury industry. But what does that mean in practice for managers and marketers? What is the best way to do business in China? How can a business ensure customers talk about a sustainable line of products? Should brands invite more bloggers than journalists to their next runway show? Do they really need more retail locations, or should they shift focus to e-commerce? How do luxury businesses engage the next generation of critical, informed and digital-savvy customers with a brand … and then command their loyalty? It’s time to rethink how to market luxury products and services. Authors: Martin C. Wittig, Fabian Sommerrock, Philip Beil & Markus Albers E-Book Version    
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The 31 Practices

Every company has its own values and brand which it wants its customers and clients to engage with and develop loyalty to.

At the same time, research shows that 70% of customers’ brand perception is determined by their experience with the company’s employees. Moreover, 41% of customers are loyal because of good employee attitude.

This book shows how companies can translate their values and brand into the daily practices and behaviour of their employees, especially those who must deal directly with customers. Drawing its principles from psychology, sociology, philosophy, neuroscience and leadership, the 31 Practices method has been successfully adopted by large and small companies around the world, and has been responsible for significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Author: Alan Williams & Alison Whybrow

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Re-thinking Retail in the Digital Era Quick View

Re-thinking Retail in the Digital Era

Authors: Brian Kalms and Oliver Freestone

In this collection of articles, Elix-IRR’s retail professionals examine the fundamental changes brought about by the digital consumer and the related shifts in the industry. The articles discuss many of the challenges and opportunities on which our clients seek our advice.

These are not only the fashionable issues of customer insight and multichannel shopping, but also the challenges which arise through organisational change, the drive for supply chain efficiency and the transformation of IT from a back office cost centre to the enabling mechanism for customer interaction and loyalty.

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How to Win a War

What can WWII teach us?

Is it possible to see Hitler as an efficient manager? What would today’s business schools have to say about Churchill’s management style? What was going though the minds of leaders when they took decisions that led to thousands of deaths? How did they manage the resultant stress? What strategies were adopted to win battles and campaigns?

This book is a history of WWII seen from a completely different perspective – that of the businessperson. During 1939-45, “managers” of a different kind were facing immense challenges – an unprecedented crisis, struggle for world markets, new technologies being used on a mass scale. How they coped and succeeded during this period offers unique and valuable lessons for today’s business managers and executives. In doing so, the author analyses WWII’s most famous campaigns, including Barbarossa, Stalingrad, D-Day and Pearl Harbour. Author: Ignacio Gonzalez-Posasa  
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The Prisoner and the Penguin

The power of a good story has long been recognised.

It seems that, as a race, we humans love a good story. But stories aren’t just for pure enjoyment - they have long been a powerful tool for teaching.This book is an alternative to the traditional marketing handbook. Rather than a textbook, it is an enjoyable “story-book” that brings to life some of the key principles of marketing in an easy-to-read, accessible form. Some of these stories are quite remarkable and almost unbelievable; but all are true and remind marketers and businesspeople that the best marketing is something which people tell others about and retell over many years.

Author: Giles Lury

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Made With Quick View

Made With

The emerging alternatives to Western brands: From Istanbul to Indonesia

This book charts the emergence of a vibrant new type of brand from the emerging markets. This new type of brand is Made With – more concerned with design, community and fusion – rather than the classic Western brand that is “Made by” (by Coco Chanel or Steve Jobs) based upon the cult of the ego, icon, author and personality. Through following the inside story of these brands, the reader gets an insightful access into these newly emerging societies, their values and aspirations.

The region which this book covers is the Islamic Interland, taking in interviews with leading brand creators in locations including Istanbul, Beirut, Dubai, Jordan, Jakarta and many others across the Middle and Far East. In these pages you will meet the producer of a TV show that was a hit in 53 countries, Obama’s State Representative to the Muslim World, pioneers of the Arabic Web scene involved in $100m+ deals, social venture pioneers and activists, secular democrats and hijab wearing fashionistas, and a full cast of fabulous creative designers, entrepreneurs and artists in many different creative fields.

Author: John Grant

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New! Getting Better with Age Quick View

Getting Better with Age

Getting Better With Age is based on the premise that as the world ages, marketers need to improve the way that they market to people of age.

This groundbreaking piece of writing comprises insights, examples and intelligence to help marketers more effectively connect with aging consumers to realize the fast business growth associated with this massive but under-leveraged target market. It is based on innovative, new (young) thinking about aging and what it means to be “old”, contains reasons why “70 is the new 50” as well as the implications for marketers in responding in order to leverage and build existing and new brand franchises

Author: Peter Hubbell

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