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How Coca-Cola Took Over the World

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The stories of some of the world’s most revered brands – and the lessons we can learn from them
● Engaging and surprising stories of how leading brands achieved their success
● Each of the 101 stories contains a practical marketing/branding lesson
● A valuable and entertaining read for both marketers and non-marketers
● Written by a leading marketing professional who has worked with many of these world-class brands


Giles Lury


Giles Lury is the Executive Chairman of The Value Engineers, a leading marketing and advertising agency.

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The Prisoner and the Penguin

The power of a good story has long been recognised.

It seems that, as a race, we humans love a good story. But stories aren’t just for pure enjoyment - they have long been a powerful tool for teaching.This book is an alternative to the traditional marketing handbook. Rather than a textbook, it is an enjoyable “story-book” that brings to life some of the key principles of marketing in an easy-to-read, accessible form. Some of these stories are quite remarkable and almost unbelievable; but all are true and remind marketers and businesspeople that the best marketing is something which people tell others about and retell over many years.

Author: Giles Lury

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