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Customer Centricity

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The management secrets behind one of the most profitable technology companies in the world today.

How to manage and grow a world-class high-tech company.

Provides a fascinating analysis of Huawei’s business management and its culture of ‘customers first’.

Author had unprecedented access to Huawei and the major players within it.

A timely and important book in the context of China’s increasing influence over the world economy.


Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-911498-71-1

FORMAT: 234×156 mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 424


Weiwei Huang is a professor of business at Renmin University of China. He has served as senior consultant to the Huaweiboard and Huawei’s founder Mr. Zhengfei Ren since 1996. He is currently Chief Management Scientist at Huawei.


The book Customer Centricity is a distillation of Huawei’s philosophy of business management. It reveals that the secret to Huawei’s success lies in wholeheartedly serving customers and creating value for them. This book provides first-hand and systematic insights into Huawei’s handling of strategy and business transformation. It is a hugely valuable resource.

Peng Jianfeng, Professor of the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China and Chairman of the Chinastone Management Consulting Group

Huawei is a world-class Chinese company that is capable of going head-to-head with the best in the global market. To compete successfully, Huawei focuses on delivering value to customers rather than just reducing costs. Huawei is also able to create value by leveraging the strengths of China. This does not only refer to cheap labour, but also to talented R&D employees who truly grasp core technologies. However, just hiring these talented people isn’t guaranteed to unlock their potential. That’s why Huawei chooses to distribute shares to its employees. The company knows how to fully motivate employees and inspire dedication. These three points are what have made Huawei what it is today.

Yang Guoan, Management Professor at the China Europe International Business School

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