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Elemental Change

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How to achieve and sustain the best results in a period of fast change!

Neil Usher is the author of The Elemental Workplace – a previously successful LID title with strong interest and academic coverage

With a new decade upon us comes a new time for fast and uncontrollable change. This is the ultimate book to help navigate that change for the greatest rewards

How to change and build your business, your brand and your image in the best way possible

Written by a successful business leader who specialises in establishing strong workplace dynamics and practises

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-85-7

FORMAT: 138 x 216mm

Bookbinding: Paperback

Number of pages: 232pp


Neil Usher has wrestled with complex change problems for almost 40 years, solving them with a rare blend of straight- forward and creative thinking, together with an eye for both strategy and detail. He brings a wealth of client-side management and leadership experience from around the world in a variety of industries. He has been actively blogging about work for over a decade and his first book The Elemental Workplace was published in 2018. Neil is a sought-after conference and academic speaker, always bringing a fresh perspective while challenging assumptions and myths. That said, he prefers to be thought of as ‘a regular bloke just trying to make sense of it all.’ He lives in London with his family.


The most un-bullshit laden change book I’ve ever read. Full of practical philosophy, action-oriented vision and tooled up with humanistic virtue. This is about people powering change. Doing it themselves. Feeling it and ratifying it. This book is a myth-buster and a Swiss Army knife for change.

PERRY TIMMS, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR and author of Transformational HR and The Energized Workplace

This is another great read by Neil Usher. The topic is of the utmost importance; the timing impeccable. Neil’s wittiness, deep and wide knowledge and vast practical experience permeate this new book of his. It has just been added to my list of favourites and it is a must-read for all those leading, managing, experiencing and thinking about organizational change.”

ANA NEVES, Founder, Knowman and organizer of the Social Now Conference

The key to business advantage is anticipating and navigating change – perpetual, unpredictable and interconnected. This no-nonsense book is an invaluable aid in understanding the nature of change and how to lead it successfully.


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Ebook, Hardcover

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