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Upgrade your business model for the fourth industrial revolution

A hands-on playbook for corporate renewal in an age of platforms, ecosystems and pervasive digitalization.

Develop impactful digital strategies – allowing for small businesses to advance with global exposure.

Create powerful digital ventures and revitalise business branding with a new and au courant outlook for consumer appeal.

Fightback is part of an ongoing movement to drive the next wave of innovation, growth and survival in these competitive climates.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-52-9

FORMAT: 198 x 129mm

Bookbinding: Hardback



Felix Staeritz founded his first company at 16 and is a serial entrepreneur, digital growth expert and investor. As an adviser and mentor, he has supported many digital companies and advised international organizations from the European Commission and the World Bank to the United Nations. Felix is a member of the World Economic Forum s Digital Leaders board. He studied in Germany, the US and Asia and is now based in Vienna and Berlin.



Simon Torrance is one of the world’s leading experts on business model transformation, platform strategy and digital ventures. He is currently an independent adviser to Boards and Leadership teams on these topics. Previously he was FoundersLane’s UK Managing Director. Simon is a member of the World Economic Forum’s executive working group on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems, co-founder and chair of the Platform Economy Summit, a guest lecturer at Singularity University and a sought-after keynote speaker. He is British and lives in London.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a rapid, comprehensive transformation technologically, economically, socially and politically. To shape this transformation, we must take collective responsibility. Fightback showcases how to embrace digitalization and how to overcome disruption.

Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Digital transformation, platform-based business model, innovative corporate culture that’s what we are working on every day. Fightback addresses these key challenges and illustrates that traditional companies in particular must proactively shape digital change in order to be successful in the future. A must-read for everyone working in a traditional industry.

Gisbert Rühl, Chief Executive Officer, Klöckner

A must-read for every company that wants to stay ahead of disruption. Boards and executives will learn to leverage new sources of growth by partnering with entrepreneurs.

Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice President, Business Area Wind, Vattenfall

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