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This geopolitical ‘guidebook’ illustrated richly provides foresight in to current global processes based on geographic, economic and urban research.

● Engaging and thought-provoking research into geopolitics and how it is driven by peopleand human decisions.

● Provides guidancefor today’s constantly changing world that is full of opportunities and environmental, social and economic challenges.

● A valuable and entertaining book that outlines the studies, thoughts and visionsof leading strategic thinkers and their professional studies.

● Includes case studies from around the world


Norbert Csizmadia is a geographer and expert in economic strategy, regional andurban development and geopolitics. From 2000, head of theDeputy State Secretariat for Regional Economic Developmentin the Ministry for National Economy, and is also President of the board of trustees at Pallas AthénéGeopolitical Foundation.Norbert is Hungarian and is also based in Hungary

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