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How to buy a gorilla

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Essential reading for anyone involved in buying, managing or the creation of advertising
‚óŹ HTBAG provides an invaluable roadmap from business problem to advertising agency
‚óŹ Exploration of a new marketing framework, The Monkey House
‚óŹ Both insightful and actionable, this book will ensure brands get what they really need from their agency partner
‚óŹ The ulitmate book for how to strategically source agency services


David is a business and marketing consultant and strategist, specilasing in advertising agency performance management; agency sourcing and selection; marketing process and design and marketing procurement. Before founding Salt Partners in 2009, David had a career in advertising spanning more than two decades.

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The Passion Factor

This book provides an effective methodology and an essential tool so that entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders can nurture innovative behaviour in the workplace by effectively managing its three essential dimensions: people, the business organisation and motivation. It then goes on to show how the three factors, Insight (for understanding and appreciating new ideas), Sex (the differential factor between men and women when it comes to innovation) and Passion (the ambition and courage needed to create new strategies) all play a role on the path to innovation.
Author:  Silvia Leal Martín, Jorge Urrea Book Details Publisher: LID Publishing ISBN: 9781910649039 Number of pages: 263 pp
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Understanding the goals of the world of business and dealing with the development of new solutions calls for a basic ingredient: creativity. And yet, just being, or wanting to be creative is not enough ‚Äď it is essential to train and develop this ability in order to achieve results. In other words, we need a guide to show us the way and provide us with the tools needed to progress. Designpedia is an essential manual for Design Thinking which brings together all the tools you need to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship goals and is organised around four basic processes: mapping, exploring, building and testing. It also reveals how, as long as you use the right tools, you can create original and effective solutions. Includes case studies to show how this is working for big companies (Orange or BBVA) as well as startups (Dovase or Bydsea). Author: ¬†Zaragoz√°, Rafael , Gasca, Juan Book Details Publisher: LID Publishing ISBN:¬†978-1-907794-49-0 FORMAT: 203x203mm Bookbinding: Paperback w/ flaps Number of pages: 256 pp
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Talent 3.0

How companies can hire the best talent via the web and social networks. Despite current economic uncertainties, many companies are still recruiting, and of course competing to find the best talent. In the digital age, finding the right talent in general, and from social networks in particular, is becoming increasingly important. In the US, 92% of recruitment today has some form of web involvement. This book examines what the key success factors are behind hiring through social networks and other web networks. Moreover, how can companies present themselves and attract the best candidates through the web? For job seekers, this book provides valuable insight into how companies recruit through the web.
Author:  Amparo Díaz-Llairó Book Details Publisher: LID Publishing ISBN: 9781907794162 Number of pages: 208 pp
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