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People-Centric Management

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Putting people first is the key to successful management

Author is an influential member of the Drucker Society Europe 

Author’s company (Agility Insights) has over the past three years expanded into ten countries 

The Performance Triangle has had trade sales of 161 copies since 2013 and Management Design has sold 215 copies since 2015

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-99-4 

FORMAT: 156 x 234mm

Bookbinding: Paperback


Lukas Michel’s consulting company, Agility Insights, is now present in ten countries. He is the author of The Performance Triangle and Management Design (both published by LID), which he uses regularly to support his client work. He is an associate of the Peter Drucker Society and lives in Switzerland 



Peter Drucker’s challenge for management in the 21st century was to make knowledge work productive. It was clear to him that the traditional top-down approaches would not work in a complex, interconnected and unpredictable world. Learning from experience (and experimenting) at scale and ‘agile’ have emerged as key components of a new answer. Building on his previous work on The Performance Triangle, Lukas Michel describes practical ways of changing the operating system for the organization by putting people in the centre of the endeavour. A book by a practitioner for practitioners.

Dr Richard Straub, President, Peter Drucker Society Europe, Vienna

“The context in which we now work (digital and VUCA worlds) requires us to seriously reconsider how we lead and work, and in a substantially different way. Lukas Michel, in his new book, People-Centric Management, deftly presents a guided path for leaders who truly wish to transform their organization and teams – becoming people-centric practitioners coupled with ‘agile,’ resulting in an enabled, empowered and engaged workforce that optimizes institutional knowledge and skills for sustainable competitive advantage. Lukas presents a compelling data set spanning 20 years and introduces practical and meaningful diagnostic tools to measure, track and direct an organization towards its true potential.

Mark Béliczky, Executive Management Consultant and Advisor, The Carlyle Group, Washington, DC

The closest comparison to Lukas Michel is a very mature and perfectly bodied red wine at its peak. The last book of this trilogy takes the leaders on a journey that spans from ancient Greece to important levers dealing with reality, and emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and clear prioritization. So, the message is clear: ‘People first, organization second, clients third and owners fourth.’ This sounds harsh, but at the end of the book most readers will agree with this story, the reasoning behind it and the spark of Lukas’ passion for this topic.

Michael Eckert, Senior Program Manager – Business Excellence, Site Management, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

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