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 A manual for being more creative, innovative and leading successful change in your company.

A must-have book for managers of all levels, and team and project leaders, in large and small companies.

Innovation and change are key advantages to develop in business today.

Based on the author’s real-world, practical experience – provides tools, strategies and know-how.

Extensive business PR and social media campaign on release of book – author is an excellent self-promoter.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9860793-4-4

FORMAT: 234 x 156mm

Bookbinding: Paperback w/flaps

Number of pages: 256pp


Moe Glenner is an experienced senior manager in the supply and logistics sector with Global Logistics for Steel Warehouse (a $2-billion company). He is much in demand as a consultant in creativity and keynote speaker.


If you are seeking vivid examples, proven strategies and practical advice on the toughest challenge organizations confront – namely, how to find new ideas, implement them successfully and effectively sustain them – +Change is an essential read! Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get big, a CEO who wants to avoid stagnation or a non-profit executive who seeks to make a deeper difference, +Change belongs in your leadership library – that is, after you read it!

Mark C. Crowley, Author Lead From The Heart21st Century Leadership for the 21st Century

+Changeis a game changer to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. Moe tackles the challenges as it relates to communications, innovation and leadership. Rather than the fluff of other best selling “thought leaders”, Moe brings valuable and thought provoking ideas to the table. This book should be read and reread to firmly grasp the essential concepts.

Lavie Margolin, Career Coach, Author Lion Cub Job Search – Practical Job Search Assistance for Practical Job Seekers

Change in organizations is inevitable and it’s also one of the most difficult things to do. We talk about it a lot, but the implementation of any change effort often doesn’t achieve what we envisioned. Moe Glenner has the answer: +Change: Genesis of Innovation. By using the proven formulas and techniques in this book, you can embrace the changes to help your organization move forward with more confidence and less fear. A must read.

Susan C. Foster, Executive Coach and author of the best seller It’s Not Rocket Science: Leading, Inspiring and Motivating Your Team To Be Their Best

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