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Approximately 1.5 million people in the UK suffer from Sleep Disorders but many will have not been formally diagnosed.

This book explores the issue of sleep difficulty, an often neglected topic that affects many modern-day executives.

Provides practical guidance for addressing sleep issues for both individuals and organizations.

Part of a new series that offers practical and accessible advice on wellbeing issues facing people at work.

A straightforward guide to sleeping well.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-27-7

FORMAT: 180 x 120mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 128pp


Giles Watkins is a British-born coach and mentor with both Aberkyn and Vistage. Giles has over 30 years of global business and general management experience in enabling decision makers to solve problems, achieve balance, deliver superior results and sleep better at night.


Positive Sleep is a call to action. Giles does a brilliant job of sharing a heartfelt account of how a CEO overcame his sleep challenges to become a leading expert. If you want a book to change your work, life and performance for the better, read it now! I welcome how Giles goes straight to the heart of an often unspoken but chronic problem in our society. Happy sleep!

Ben Renshaw, author, Purpose, LEAD! and Super Coaching

Positive Sleep is powerful and pragmatic – a must-read for anyone struggling with their sleep patterns. Be prepared to have your eyes opened about this nightly ritual that has more importance in our life than many of us realize. Giles Watkins shows great courage as he reveals his own battle with his nightly nemesis and then guides the reader through a number of easy-to-implement tips that instantly refresh and support a nourishing night’s sleep. I highly recommend this book for today’s business leaders who are seeking to create a positive difference in this busy, technology-driven world.

Nikki Owen, global thought leader on charismatic leadership

Wonderful book! To read about the author’s personal journey around sleep, combined with the latest sleep research is a refreshing way to look at sleep and its impact on our daily lives.

Els van der Helm PhD, sleep expert and Founder, Shleep – helping leaders and teams improve their sleep and performance

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