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How to leverage the power of SuperSigns –and create exceptional brands.

A highly original book about branding, which captures the human element in marketing.

Brands remain one of the most powerful vehicles for companies to succeed with consumers.

Written by two leading branding and strategy consultants, whose work has transformed businesses.

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Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-18-5

FORMAT: 234x156mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 272


SamaHua and Nan Hua are the founders of HUA&HUA, one of China’s leading branding and strategy consultancies.

Sam Hua is board chairman and founding partner of Shanghai H&H Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd and a well-known expert in creative strategic marketing. He is a chief brand adviser of the National Real Estate Manager Alliance. Sam has been dedicated to marketing strategies and creative marketing for nearly 20 years and established the first systematic marketing methodology – “H&H Methodology” – in the domestic marketing circle.




Nan Hau is founding partner of Shanghai H&H Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. He is also board chairman of Dook Media Group Ltd and co-producer of several movies such as So Young, and Old Boys: the Way of the Dragon.

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