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The Ideas Book

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Part of the CONCISE ADVICE PAPERBACK series – how to come up with great ideas. 

 60 of the most useful and proven methods for generating ideas which are already used by the smartest businesspeople and thinkers.

Stylishly presented and easy to understand and apply.

Coming up with new and great ideas is an essential skill to have for a successful career.

A bestselling self-development and business title when published in hardcover, by one of the world’s bestselling business authors.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-911687-53-5

Bookbinding: Paperback

Format: 180 x 120mm


Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and author of several bestselling business books, including The Ideas Book (LID) and The Smart Thinking Book (LID).


Those few milliseconds of a working life in which you somehow see your world in a wholly new light are infinitely more valuable than the many hours we all spend churning through inconsequential emails. Unfortunately there is no surefire way of generating these priceless moments. Books such as this one, however, will significantly improve your odds.

RORY SUTHERLAND, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK

Throughout, Kevin’s belief that good ideas are available to anyone willing to put in the necessary levels of preparation and diligence, as opposed to the divine right of a few enlightened individuals, shines like a beacon. Invaluable.

CHRIS CARMICHAEL, Director Media & Digital Marketing, EMEA, Hewlett-Packard

He’s managed to boil down many of the essential tools and routines that help you to have good ideas.

MARK EARL, Author of Herd and Copy, Copy, Copy

I have spent many years working with teams to brainstorm ideas, teach new techniques and narrow down and filter to find the best idea. This book captures each step of the process in one handy location, provides you with a quick visual snapshot and clear instructions for each technique, and will ultimately become your trusted idea guide to keep in your back pocket or bag at all times.

JUDY GOLDBERG, Executive Director, Leadership & Organisation Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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