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The Inspiratorium

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The Inspiratorium, a space in which inspiration takes place.

New thoughts, ideas and short readings to make people feel smarter, happier and more likely to advance in their work and personal life.

Includes unexpected ideas, references and insights from across the broadest possible spectrum and bridging what C.P. Snow called The Two Cultures: science and the humanities.

A gift-book – elegant and beautifully designed.

Contains references to art, writing, movies, memes, psychology and physics, as well as new sciences such as complexity theory.


Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-911498-46-9

FORMAT: 150×188 mm

Bookbinding: Paperback

Number of pages: 304


Anthony Tasgal’s main occupation is advertising and marketing, with a particular leaning towards storytelling and behavioural economics. His other interests are the Greeks and Romans, film and writing comedy.


A fantastic look at insight and creativity through a collection of ideas, quotes and theories posited by lots of well-known thinkers. Packed with entertaining industry anecdotes, many of which you probably haven’t heard. Every time you dip into this book you will find something new to pique your interest.

Andy Fernandez, Bookshop and Library Manager, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

It’s the sort of book you need a seat belt for. YourInspiratorium journey is a densely-packed world of insights, worldly wisdom and delightful detours of discovery to inspire the creative within you. Tas has a brain the size of a planet and is a true guiding star for your inspiration.

Andy Green, Director, Grow Social Capital

A pick and mix of ideas, quotes and insightful thoughts. If you don’t know the question it doesn’t really matter, read it anyway. I aspire to the versatility of the fox.

Hazel Kay, Marketing and Admissions Director, ACS International Schools

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