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The New Local Economy

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Why we must break up the global economy to save our jobs, businesses and communities

Inventive, forward thinking and challenging – a book that seeks to explore new methods of sustainable development through local and independent economic means.

Written by a leading futurist whose work crosses over business and society.

An international must read with personal and honest accounts from communities and companies leading the way in this new economic arena.

A global book for local impact – for innovator’s, creatives and businesses wizards. The perfect book to encourage small change for large scale reward.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-911498-93-3

FORMAT: 198 x 129mm

Bookbinding: Paperback

Number of pages: 192pp

About the author

Nils Elmark, founder of consultancy Inception, has been advising international businesses for 20 years, conducting development projects for companies such as IKE, H&M, Procter & Gamble and a host of Scandinavian financial organisations. He teaches strategy and future studies at the Danish Business Institute and has previously written three books about technological business innovation and creative strategic communications.


Nils Elmark has a rare talent for revealing the next step in fintech development before anyone else does. He has a unique overview of fintech and has guided our readers for years on an exciting journey through a financial universe where change happens faster than ever before.

Svein Åge Eriksen, Editor in Chief, Finansfokus

Nils Elmark has, over many years, written a series of excellent articles and thought-provoking columns about fintech in our magazine. He has explored London’s evolving fintech jungle and introduced us to successful challenger banks and exciting fintech start-ups. He has given our readers new insight in the latest financial technology and shown incumbent banks the way forwards. The New Local Economysimilarly provides lively and sharp insight into future finance.

Carsten Jørgensen, Editor in Chief, The Finans Magazine

Most people who are Nils’ age have no clue about technology or the way finance works today, let alone the way it will work in the future. They rarely think outside of the box within which they operate. The opposite is true of Nils. He’s a traveller who easily switches between worlds, be it between countries, like Denmark or Great Britain, or mindsets, like classic banking, fintech or crypto development. Wherever he goes he keeps his eyes open, full of hunger and curiosity for what is to come. It’s this 360° curiosity which makes him such an inspiring person who manages to convey his thinking to people, no matter their level of expertise.

Stefanie Milcke, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, ndgit

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