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What can you do to improve your businesses processes?

By Guest Contributor Marieta Bencheva There is more to processes than you might imagine. Yes, they describe what needs to be done, how and in what order. However, they are also a key part of your business culture. They reflect your business values and the reasons you do what you…

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Ways to lower your company and personal tax

By Guest Contributor Jonathan Amponsah   2020 is now underway. Did you have tax reduction as a New Year’s resolution? Whether you did or not it’s a good idea to consider ways that you can reduce your company and personal tax bills.

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Tips for negotiating to get your new brand to market

By Guest Contributor Tom Lock, British Snack Co. When you are negotiating a contract, whether it is with a manufacturer who will make your product or a supermarket or other retail outlet that is considering stocking your brand, you need to get prepared.

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What to do if your crowdfunding hits a bump in the road

By guest contributor John Auckland, TribeFirst. I’ve seen a huge range of businesses run crowdfunding campaigns across many different market sectors. I’m often surprised by which campaigns capture the attention and imagination of investors, soaring towards their target like a rocket into space, and which end up faltering midway through….

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Top 5 books every entrepreneur needs to read

Thinking about starting your own business? Wanting to change your business model or take your company to the next level? These are the 5 books you need to read to succeed in your entrepreneurial adventure.

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