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Seeing Around Corners book launch

Last night, LID celebrated the launch of Graham Hogg’s book Seeing Around Corners, the book that connects the dots between big data and business strategy. The launch took place at WeWork South Bank Central, and was filled with a warm crowd of friends, family and colleagues.

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Why friendliness outperforms a firewall in trade secret protection

Erik Elgersma, author of The Strategic Analysis Cycle, shares his insight into trade secret leaks, and why the answer to security breaches might be more simple than it seems… Revelation upon revelation hit the press this year. Leaks have always been there but today the frequency of secrets being spilled, especially in the…

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Taking Your Heartbeat …

Join Matt Stephens, author of the upcoming ‘Revolution in a Heartbeat‘ and Founder of Heartbeat this Thursday 14th September from 1pm-2pm for an exclusive webinar! Heartbeat recognises that whilst clients are looking for a more real-time, transparent and simple to use pulse survey, they often use this alongside the annual engagement survey….

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