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Simon Mac Rory featured on Forbes Online

Who’s The Better Leader – Gareth Southgate Or Theresa May? Simon Mac Rory recently wrote an opinion piece comparing Theresa May and Gareth Southgate’s team leadership in achieving their goals of Brexit and the World Cup respectively. These views were featured on Forbes Online.

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“Good evening, Mr Bond…”

Simon Tyler shares his insights into the impact we make in our every day lives through our appearance, in an extract from upcoming The Impact Book: I haven’t yet worked with an international secret agent (to the best of my knowledge…), but I am inspired by 007’s impeccable dress sense…

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Strategic narratives – a simple story of successful leadership

Matt Stephens, author of Revolution in a Heartbeat, shares his tips on how strategic narratives help successful leadership: “But we’ve told them a thousand times….” or words to that effect.  We hear this a lot from exasperated executive teams when we give them Heartbeat results saying that people don’t know…

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LID celebrates The Responsive Leader book launch

Last night, LID Publishing celebrated the launch of Erik Østergaard’s new book The Responsive Leader at The Economist’s Bookshop.  Speaking to an intimate gathering, Martin Liu of LID UK introduced Erik, who discussed what he terms the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Erik Elgersma: How to make sense of executives’ statements

Erik Elgersma, author of The Strategic Analysis Cycle, shares his insights into how to make sense of executives’ statements: The power of history To the (Western) world 2018 will likely be another year of remembrance. In Nov. 2017 we remembered that the Russian October revolution1 took place a century ago….

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Building culture in your team and organisation

Matt Stephens, author of Revolution in a Heartbeat, and creator of the Heartbeat app, shares his business insights into the best way to build culture into your organisation and team: Over 500 HR and Internal Communication practitioners have taken part in the trial of Heartbeat, a revolutionary online surveying tool. This has…

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Leadership Matters welcomes LID author René Carayol as Ambassador

Leadership Matters welcomes René Carayol, LID author of SPIKE, in becoming an ambassador for their movement. Leadership Matters is designed to give all schools access to the high quality leadership development that ultimately improves pupil educational outcomes. By giving school leaders the opportunity to actively develop their abilities around busy work…

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