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Rehumanizing Leadership

How to create a sense of home in lockdown

By  Guest Contributor Katia Vlachos While it might feel counterintuitive to be reading an article about finding home in times of social isolation and home confinement (aren’t we all stuck at home?), the reality is that house and home are not the same thing. For many of us, home confinement…

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It’s time to create human moments

By  Guest Contributor Dr Amy Bradley During this global pandemic, we are all navigating a new normal. Faced with restrictions to our daily movement, most of us are now working remotely and are reliant on technology as our only means of communication with work colleagues. This means no more lunchtime…

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How to find a sense of purpose life when life is disrupted

Guest contributor Ben Renshaw At the time of writing we are in the foothills of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this time of unprecedented change, everyone’s lives have been impacted in ways that we cannot yet comprehend including:   – The health impact of physical illness, possible death and the mental health impact of isolation, anxiety…

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