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Samantha King , Global Lead Executive Development, Standard Chartered Ban

Cath Lynn , Global Commercial Director, easyJet

“In Flawed but Willing, Khurshed challenges me through his insights, reflections and stories to champion a new way of leading, working and being. He paints wonderfully vivid pictures of the damage we are unintentionally doing to our organizations, our teams, and ourselves by applying traditional, controlling leadership approaches in our…

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Paul Hunter , Chief of Staff to Group CEO, Hewlett Packard

“Khurshed writes fantastically provocative enquiries into corporate behaviour. Observations on our behaviour, which return the gaze of the viewer. If you have an inclination that what you are doing is not connecting in the way you want it to, or feel there is a superficiality to your corporate life, this…

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Kris Webb , Senior Vice President HR, GlaxoSmithKline

“Reading Flawed but Willing is like looking into a portal of unexpressed possibility. The stories generate powerful insights, whispering of a greater connection or a long-forgotten simplicity. The act of reading and reflecting triggered intuitive memories and ideas for alternative conversations in corporate life. It was both provocative and affirming…

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