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RSVP for the last seats of Outthink the Revolution FRANKFURT EDITION

OUTTHINK THE REVOLUTION is a business philosophical leadership jam. The leading Business Philosopher Anders Indset invites you to an inspiring and motivational session in a completely new format. Interesting discussions and dialogues with like-minded people will round off an evening of reflection far away from the ordinary.

Neue Rothofstrasse 19
Frankfurt am Main HE 60311
Thursday, October 12th

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Last night we celebrated the launch of Beyond Default by David Trafford and Peter Boggis at the iconic Tower Bridge gallery in London.

David and Peter brought together a pleasant mix of their family, colleagues and clients to celebrate this momentous occasion and the venue most definitely set the tone for an eventful evening.

Views from the gallery at Tower Bridge

An eclectic mix of drinks were served to guests on arrival whilst they were kept in suspense in the foyer as Martin Liu, General Manager at LID UK introduced David and Peter who talked about the book and thanked people who helped with the process.

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4 secrets to successful internal negotiations

Nicole Soames, Founder and CEO of Diadem Performance and author of the upcoming ‘The Negotiation Book- Practical Steps to Become a Master Negotiator‘ shared with us key insights to carry out successful internal negotiations.

Whenever I deliver our Master Negotiator Workshop I always ask the delegates to tell me when they have found negotiating particularly tricky. Invariably some of the most taxing examples have occurred during internal negotiations.

Whether you’re asking for a payrise, a deadline extension or extra resources for your project – negotiating with your colleagues can be far more difficult than negotiating with suppliers and customers because of the relationships and emotions involved.

So how do you make sure you have a level playing field when you negotiate with your manager? Based on years of experience from my training and commercial background, here are my 4 secrets to help you become a true commercial athlete in negotiation.

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1) Balance The Playing Field

The biggest danger when negotiating internally is coming to the negotiating table on the back foot because you are focusing too much on the existing relationship. You need to avoid adopting a parent/child relationship and instead keep the negotiations on a balanced playing field. Your knowledge of the other person can help you with this, so use it to your own advantage. As you already work together, you should be able to read their body language and get a clearer understanding of what makes them tick. Use your emotional intelligence to negotiate effectively.

2) Plan Ahead

Remember, as I regularly tell my clients, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Preparation is just as important in internal negotiations as it is when you’re negotiating a large contract with a customer. Make sure you write down the list of the things you think both people want to achieve and take the time to think of their potential challenges. If possible practise delivering out loud – it will help you keep your emotions in check and allow you to hone your delivery style.

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5 Things you should never say when you are negotiating

Nicole Soames, author of the upcoming Concise Advice title, The Negotiation Book, shared with us her tips for what not to say when negotiating.

We all know what it’s like when you’re caught up in the middle of negotiating a big deal. The pressure and frustration can build and before you know it the best laid plans can go awry. Negotiation best practice flies out of the window and you hear yourself utter the fateful words, “And that’s my final offer” when you know full well that it’s not.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years, developing their negotiating skills and unlocking their confidence so they can negotiate successfully. But as well as highlighting the positive steps you need to take, I also look at the ways it can easily go wrong.

So, based on my years of experience building commercial athletes, here are the top 5 things you should NEVER say when you’re negotiating.

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10 Best Books to Read Whilst Staying Dry Indoors

It’s not all doom and gloom with the grim weather we’ve been experiencing today. On the bright side it’s #BookLoversDay so we thought we might as well inspire you with a list of the top 10 books to read if you’d rather stay dry indoors this evening.

1) How Coca-Cola Took Over The World– and 100 more amazing stories about the world’s greatest brands by Giles Lury

“This is a hugely entertaining and instructive book. There’s nothing better than getting deep behind the scenes of some of the greatest Marketing stories of our age. Giles has captured the essence of how brands really work and what people behind them are thinking. A must-read for every Marketer.” Matt Close, Executive Vice President Global Ice Cream, Unilever.

2) Business Alchemy– Exploring The Inner, Unseen Dynamics of The Business by Andrew Wallas

“A game changer and must-read for any leader. Business Alchemy provides the magic dust in my toolbox.” Carole Gaskell, Founder & CEO, Full Potential Group

3) The Brain Book– How to Think and Work Smarter by Phil Dobson

“The Brain Book is a must! Heaps of practical tips, exercises, and advice, this book is a friend to any reader, offering the best options to cultivate and nurture your brain to maximise your true potential.” Shetal Khimashia, Learning and Development Manager, Channel 4

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Why Mothers are Todays Best Leaders

Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership, this must become the era where we universally accept and look for women as leaders says Rene’ Carayol, author of Spike. Here’s his piece on why mothers are today’s leaders.

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it”.

– Mark Twain

As Mark Twain pithily points out, leaders today have to handle constant pressure well and need to allow their people the room to grow by making mistakes and learning from them.

What’s needed in these turbulent times is the feeling that our boss cares for us and supports us especially in times of uncertainty. Leadership today is altruism.

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David Meikle, author of How to Buy A Gorilla will be sharing his monkey framework at the IPA Business Growth Conference tomorrow at the British Library Knowledge in London.

This year’s IPA Business Growth Conference will look at how to develop the right behaviours to deliver commercial business success which makes it the perfect platform for David to share his knowledge and expertise. Read More


Giles Lury, author of How Coca-Cola Took Over the World will be speaking at Westminster MBA’s unique board-focused experience this Saturday.

Westminster Business School has launched a new generation MBA, designed exclusively for aspiring board directors and anyone looking to work with, for and on boards.

A substantive part of the programme sees the participants working as a shadow board of a company addressing and solving their strategic business issues. In preparation for this, the University are running a series of mini shadow board experiences to showcase and develop how these benefit the participants, their alumni and the host organisations.

This Saturday they will be working with an exciting not-for-profit ‘Working with Men’ charity, who will be the host organisation for the shadow board. Their aim for the day is to crowdsource business growth strategy.

Attendees will work during the day with the MBA course leaders and academics acting as Academic Consultants to their boards.

You can find more information on the event here.


Enjoy an evening of reflection away from the norm by joining the “Outthink the Revolution” leadership-jam — MADRID EDITION with the leading Norwegian-born business philosopher and author of Wild Knowledge: Outthink the Revolution, Anders Indset.”

Anders joins 100 other #outthinkers, including IE Business School professors, creatives and business leaders.

Taking place on 23. May 2017 | 6.30 pm | IE Business SchoolCALLE DE MARÍA DE MOLINA, 11-13-15, 28006 MADRID, SPAIN



Simon Tyler, author of The Keep It Simple Book and The Impact Code was host and leader on the theme of the journey from Good to Great yesterday for a large scale business conference at the Corn Exchange Edinburgh.

He did, what he is truly good at, linking the various speaker’s content to the conference theme and helping the delegates make it personal and inspire new action.

His own session was about simplifying the journey from good to great, dipping in to his work in The Impact Code and The Keep It Simple Book, shifting the way the delegates make their way. Read More

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