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The key to succeed in a busy life is to find what really energizes you.

British author who’s 40 years of business experience have now been transcribed into a practical text which sees organisations increase their corporate success.  

Organisational depletion in the workforce affects the employee’s quality and perceptions to their work.

Energetic efficiency is a resource which even the greatest and most inquisitive minds fail to operationalise strategically.

This book leaves little room for scepticism; Maddocks energy into the corporate world is an empirical example to his practise.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-35-2

FORMAT: 180 x 120mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 158pp


Richard Maddocks has over 40 years of business experience. He quit corporate life to help organizations and individuals maximize their full potential through his training and coaching company, Communicum. He is a British citizen and currently lives in the Netherlands.


I got to know Richard years ago as someone who can genuinely inspire people in the areas of personal happiness and energy. He continues to do this with everybody he meets.

Dick Mecklenfeld, Managing Director, Hot Item

I’ve known Richard and hired him to help my teams for more than 15 years. Without fail, after every interaction with him I feel an increased level of energy and enthusiasm in the teams and results improve. He truly understands this subject.

Willem van Enter, Vice President, EMEA OutSystems

Richard’s passion for unleashing potential, combined with his extensive business experience, has a significant impact for individuals, teams and organizations. It’s always hugely energizing working with him.

Bert Boers, Regional Vicepresident, SAS Institute

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