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The Innovator’s Book

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The key to changing the world is through innovation

Every successful business is measured by the quality of their ideas, and the ways in which they build on them.

A go-to-guide to challenge creative fatigue and mundane originality.

Smart, stylish and simple – building on over 3 decades of knowledge and the author’s numerous achievements.

Elevates the notably successful Concise Advice Series – challenging creatives and business leaders around the world to think outside the traditions of their form.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing


FORMAT: 180 x 120mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 128pp


Dr Max Mckeown is a globally recognised innovation expert and the award-winning author of The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book and Adaptability. He is a strategic advisor to some of the world’s most admired companies with an enlightening, edgy, entertaining style that transforms cutting edge research into practical ideas with real world power.


Finding a book on innovation that’s simple, actionable, practical and grounded in research is a challenge. Dr Max Mckeown delivers on the promise, with messages that will inspire individuals and teams to realize their innovative potentials.

Dr Nicole Radziwill, VP Quality Practice, Intelex Technologies

Without innovation there is no stretch for your business or your brand. It’s the way you stay modern, relevant and fresh –and your long-term survival will ultimately depend on it. Dr Max Mckeown’s new book tackles innovation in its broadest sense – an attractive collection of provocative concepts and visually arresting thought starters and metaphors, which will spark curiosity in any team looking for new ideas. Critically, it also visits the fragility that comes with creativity – and some intriguing solutions and frameworks which will help carry innovation from idea through to execution phase. Invaluable stuff for any team looking to create a culture of creativity.

Steve Challouma, Marketing Director, Nomad Foods

Packed with pithy prose, searing insights on innovation and fun, quirky imagery, this ‘rucksack of rules’ brings the full gamut of innovation to life.

Bernie Ritchie, Independent marketing expert and transformation coach

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