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Inside The Middle Kingdom Beijing Launch!

Jonathan Geldart, Executive Director of ‘Grant Thornton International‘ will be launching his new book, Inside The Middle Kingdom at the Dehuitang Teahouse in Beijing this Wednesday. The book offers a spectrum of stories of people in modern China. This is Jon’s third book about China published in the UK.

Over the past 7 years, Jon has been working and living in China. He has key insights on brands and culture and contributes greatly to bringing business partnerships and communications between China and the UK. The launch ties in perfectly with the ‘Beijing International Book Fair’ and will consist of  VIP speeches, a Q&A with Jon, an exclusive book signing, photos and networking.


We celebrated the launch of Jonathan Geldart’s recent book, Inside the Middle Kingdom last night at Blackwell’s on High Holborn.

Inside the Middle Kingdom is a unique book which contains a collection of 50 personal stories from modern China.

Jonathan is a writer, adviser and speaker on the cultural and business aspects of China. He has been visiting, working in China and collecting insights into the mysterious middle kingdom in the process for over seven years. Read More


China’s economic rise and influence has been one of the most significant developments in the global economy of recent times. Last night we celebrated the launch of our new China’s Entrepreneurs Series which takes a close look at the major contribution to this development made by China’s leading private entrepreneurs and companies. The series covers Ren Zhengfei & Huawei, Dong Mingzhu & Gree, Jack Ma & Alibaba, Ma Huateng & Tencent and Wang Jianlin & Dalian Wanda.

The event last night which took place at the beautiful St Paul’s Roof Pavilion at the South Bank Centre kicked off with food and drinks, followed by an introduction by Martin Liu, General Manager at LID Publishing, who welcomed Jiang Jun, Vice President of China Publishing House to the stage for a few words. We then got straight to business with our panel discussion.

On our panel we had  diverse pool of knowledge such as Professor Yi-Ke-Guo, Director of Data Science Institute at Imperial Collage London, Michael Jenkins, Chief Executive at Roffey Park, Dr Jun Li, Senior Lecturer of Management Science & Entrepreneurship at University of Essex, Grace Wang, China Economist at Chinese Business Social Network (CBSN) and Ben Walker, Editor of Dialogue Magazine, who chaired the discussion.

Everything from how societal and economic changes (locally and globally) over the past 10 years affected entrepreneurialism in China, the role the background of leading Chinese entrepreneurs play in their willingness to strive for success, to the the key lessons that entrepreneurs from other territories should learn from the experiences of Chinese entrepreneurs and plenty more fruitful view points around the growingly intriguing subject were covered in great detail by our expert panel.

The discussion could have continued all night but like all good things the evening had to come to an end! We did however close up on a sweet note with a delicious chocolate pudding and more wine!

Stay tuned for The China’s Entrepreneurs Series out this summer. For more information on the series visit






Today we have an extract from The Story by Li Zhigang, which outlines some of the key elements to the success of one of the largest B2C online retailers in China.


The key to China’s economic growth lies in innovation, in enabling entrepreneurs to use new technologies and new models to achieve business transformation through equity financing- the most important catalyst for innovation. China’s internet driven business transformation is an extremely popular subject these days. Just like e-commerce in the retail industry, new technologies and new business models will subvert existing patterns in finance, healthcare, education, entertainment, energy, and other fields. Those who fail to meet customer demand, who stick with low efficiency, high transaction costs and over-regulation, risk being subsumed by innovation in there future.

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Founder and chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group- Chinese multinational conglomerate corporation and the world’s biggest private property developer, Wang Jianlin, says perseverance breeds success. We’ve picked out three tips on this topic, from his book, ‘The Wanda Way.’




Differentiate yourself from others:

Every single one of you has the chance to succeed, and the first key is to understand how you can differentiate yourself from others and be innovative.


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Single’s Day Sale on Chinese Entrepreneur Books

This year, we’re joining in on Singles’ Day; a festival enjoyed among young people in China, to celebrate being single, as well as becoming one of the world’s biggest online shopping days – the East’s equivalent to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’re keeping it topical by slashing the prices of our Chinese Entrepreneur titles below:


The Wanda Way: The managerial philosophy and values of one of China’s largest companies – Jianlin Wang

This book, by its founder and Chairman, provides unprecedented insight into the ethos and activities that have created the extraordinary business success that is the Wanda empire. Wang describes his managerial philosophy and the essence of his business ideas to “make Wanda a brand like Walmart or IBM or Google – a brand known by everyone in the world”, and that led The Economist to call him “a man of Napoleonic ambition”. As China’s influence in the world economy grows led by companies such as Wanda, this book is both timely and relevant.















The Story: An e-commerce phenomenon – Li Zhigang is China’s second largest e-commerce company (behind its rival Alibaba) and leads the way in sales of consumer electronics and books. Through unprecedented access to the inner-workings of and its founder, Richard Liu, and other main players, this book offers the most detailed examination of the success behind one of China’s most successful companies of recent times.















Dedication: The Huawei philosophy of human resource management – Huang Weiwei

In 2012, the Chinese company Huawei Technologies overtook Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, firmly establishing itself on the world business map. Today, it has over 170,000 employees worldwide and in 2014 the company generated a remarkable profit of $5.5 billion.

Whilst research and development and the technology that results from it are core drivers of Huawei’s success, the company’s amazing growth is also determined by its human resource strategy. This is based on a “customer-first” attitude, the belief that obtaining opportunities is through hard work and, above all, “a dedication to do the best in anything we do”. How Huawei promotes this dedication amongst its workforce is the subject of this important book. Through original incentive systems, employee ownership and the mentality to act like a boss, Huawei has managed to create a culture of dedication that has become the bedrock of its growth today.


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