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How to use storytelling to ensure your message is remembered

By Guest Contributor Rebecca Pepper, Toastmasters International. When I was six years old, I sat still, crossed-legged, looking up, wide-eyed, following every movement my granddad made, hooked to every change of intonation as he regaled my younger brother and me with a story about the most magnificent adventure. Set in…

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Erik Elgersma: How to make sense of executives’ statements

Erik Elgersma, author of The Strategic Analysis Cycle, shares his insights into how to make sense of executives’ statements: The power of history To the (Western) world 2018 will likely be another year of remembrance. In Nov. 2017 we remembered that the Russian October revolution1 took place a century ago….

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Building culture in your team and organisation

Matt Stephens, author of Revolution in a Heartbeat, and creator of the Heartbeat app, shares his business insights into the best way to build culture into your organisation and team: Over 500 HR and Internal Communication practitioners have taken part in the trial of Heartbeat, a revolutionary online surveying tool. This has…

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How to get people to want to listen to you

What colour are you? Fiery red personalities are extroverts and thinking types. These people are primarily interested in results. You never need to work out what a fiery red person thinks; they’ll let you know. They tell it like it is and don’t dress it up with lots of arcane…

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