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Our very first ‘Evening with LID Authors’ event last night at BDG Architecture and Design Studios brought together, Emma Serlin, author of ‘The Connection Book’ and Founder of London Speech Workshop and Nicole Soames, author of ‘The Negotiation Book’  and Founder of Diadem Performance for a fruitful conversation on their subjects. The event covered a variety of topics from Brexit negotiations to communicating and connecting with a tricky boss.

Here are 10 key takeaways from the evening:

1) ‘If you want to interrupt when someone is speaking, say something positive.’ Emma

2) ‘People aren’t handling Brexit negotiations in the right way.’ Nicole

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Top tips to make connections with people easily through great communication

Emma Serlin, director and founder of the London Speech Workshop and author of the upcoming Concise Advice title ‘The Connection Book’ shared with us her top tips to make connections with people easily through communications.

1) Look at people when they are speaking. Where you direct your eyes shows where you direct your attention. If someone feels attended to, this is the first step of connecting.

2) When you speak deliver your idea or words to your audience or listener. Literally look at them on the final few words of your thought. This shows them that you care about them, and that they matter in the communication dynamic. Its crucial for connecting to make the listener feel important. Read More

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