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Erik Elgersma

Turning information overload into a competitive advantage

Information overload is a challenge many in business face today. How do you ensure all relevant signals from your company’s market environment are picked up, whilst the efforts for doing so are minimised and the decision-makers only receive need-to-know information and analysis when they need it?

Erik Elgersma simplifies it…

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The authority bias, or how Erik Elgersma missed a birthday party

“What are you doing here? The birthday party is next Saturday. That is not to say you are not welcome, but…” This is how one of our eldest friends welcomed my wife and I last Saturday. We appeared at the right doorstep, but at the wrong time. Embarrassed and amused I looked at my wife, who had assured me of the timing. We had both received the invitation email, but I had ignored it after I had seen my wife putting the appointment in our family calendar. When my wife does so, who am I to doubt the accuracy?

Trying to reconstruct the logic of failure1, I later wondered why we gave our old friends a surprise party last Saturday. Obviously, my wife and I both made mistakes. My wife mixed up the timings – these things happen. My mistake, however, was more interesting. I believe I suffered from “authority bias,” which I will discuss in a little more detail below.

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