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Inspiring Innovation

An Innovation Worth Dying For

Inspiring Innovation by Giles Lury includes 75 marketig tales to help you find the next big thing. Today, we hear about Elisha Otis who truly believed in his innovation, to the point where he put his life on the line to prove its potential success.

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How the Post-it came about

Inspiring Innovation includes tales covering brands including Angry Birds, Diners Club, Fanta, Netflix, Viagra, Victoria’s Secret and Airbnb, you will find out how one size does not fit all, and that ideas can be sparked by anything and everything – from anger to embarrassment, from people watching to biomimicry (borrowing…

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The Brand That Went Down the Drain

Today we hear from Giles Lury, author of Inspiring Innovation: 75 Marketing Tales To Help You Find The Next Big Thing. He tells the tale of a Newcastle brand whose innovation went ‘down the drain’.

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75 Marketing Tales to Help you Find the Next Big Thing

The best ideas can come from the most unusual and unexpected sources. In this book, leading brand consultant and author Giles Lury presents 75 stories of extraordinary innovation, as well as the many and varied sources of inspiration, that led to companies developing highly successful products and brands. Unlock the key…

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