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Jonathan Gifford

Why corporations are not social structures

Machiavellian Intelligence, by Dr Mark Powell and Jonathan Gifford, explores a new type of intelligence that might be key in gaining access to the top executive positions in your career.

Here, we look at why they believe corporations are not social structures:

We often talk as if the corporations that so many of us work for are in some way natural or organic; that they are ‘communities of like-minded people’ or ‘associations of individuals’ who have come together to pursue a common purpose.

If this were true, the world would arguably be a better place, but it is not true.

Corporations are not ‘communities’ or ‘associations of individuals’. Corporations are legally – and in every practical and philosophical sense – individuals; entities that have a life of their own. They can endure for centuries, outliving many generations of corporate executives, and they can change and adapt in nature, sometimes radically.

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