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Jonathan Gifford

If you want to win, you need performance thinking

If you want to win, you need performance thinking and The Five Principles of Performance Thinking by Dr Mark Powell and Jonathan Gifford tells you just that. The organizations that are succeeding in the modern world are the ones that are putting on a great performance in the fullest sense of…

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4 tips on how to practice in business

The performance mindset begins, rather prosaically, with practice. The practice is where creativity begins. Musicians play scales and exercises for hours at a time. Dancers build stamina and core strength in the gym, and then they are their dance partner work on small aspects of their routine – for hours…

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Why corporations are not social structures

Machiavellian Intelligence, by Dr Mark Powell and Jonathan Gifford, explores a new type of intelligence that might be key in gaining access to the top executive positions in your career. Here, we look at why they believe corporations are not social structures: We often talk as if the corporations that so…

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