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How to improve the efficiency of your business

By Guest Contributor Marieta Bencheva   Ensuring you are efficient is critical for any business. Having inefficient processes will lead to wasted effort, money and time.  Such waste will, of course, will negatively impact the profitability and growth potential of the company. Additionally, inefficient processes tend to affect morale, frustrating…

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What can you do to improve your businesses processes?

By Guest Contributor Marieta Bencheva There is more to processes than you might imagine. Yes, they describe what needs to be done, how and in what order. However, they are also a key part of your business culture. They reflect your business values and the reasons you do what you…

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8 ways to help you save money on your business telecoms

By Guest Contributor Gary Young Business owners tend to review their costs such as rent, insurance and staffing at least annually but the cost of telecoms cost often gets left out. This may be because people don’t think they can save much.

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Simon Mac Rory featured on Forbes Online

Who’s The Better Leader – Gareth Southgate Or Theresa May? Simon Mac Rory recently wrote an opinion piece comparing Theresa May and Gareth Southgate’s team leadership in achieving their goals of Brexit and the World Cup respectively. These views were featured on Forbes Online.

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LID author David Guillebaud shortlisted for CMI Management Book of the Year

LID Publishing author David Guillebaud’s book Disruption Denial has been shortlisted in the Management Futures category for the 2017 Management Book of the Year award, announced by The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library. The 25-strong shortlist have the opportunity to win £5,000 if selected as winner of…

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Why Mothers are Todays Best Leaders

Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership, this must become the era where we universally accept and look for women as leaders says Rene’ Carayol, author of Spike. Here’s his piece on why mothers are today’s leaders. “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed…

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A note from Sayin Siang, author of The Launch Book

Sanyin Siag, author of the upcoming ‘The Launch Book’ shared with us her personal reasons for writing the book. She said: “I wrote The Launch Book to help others be brave in launching their ideas, businesses and the next phases of their careers. A lovely surprise is that writing this…

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