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Nan Hua

The cost of print advertising by strategy and branding gurus

For your brand to be successful in China, Super Signs is essential to read this story of the HUA Brothers and their approach to branding. The HUA Brothers are amongst China’s leading branding and strategy consultants. In this book, learn how to leverage the power of super signs and create exceptional brands. Today we hear their insights into print advertising.

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Every company needs a corporate dictionary

There is a form of creativity so powerful that it only takes one look and one listen for millions of consumers to remember it, like it, buy it, and tell others about it. These are so-called Super Signs – the brands that are embedded in human culture and hidden deep in our subconscious.

This book takes a fresh approach to branding and explores how to turn brands into Super Signs in today’s competitive and ever-changing world. Super Signs are the most effective and powerful means of influencing a consumer’s actions. From a branding point of view, Super Signs are the ultimate level that your brand can reach — a level where the brand triggers an instinctive reaction in thought and action from the consumer. Today we hear from the founders of HUA&HUA and authors of Super Signs, one of China’s leading branding and strategy consultancies on how every company needs a corporate dictionary.

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