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Norbert Csizmadia

Global Trends in the 21st Century by Norbert Csizmadia

Today we hear from Norbert Csizmadia, author of Geofusion, on Global Trends in the 21st century. His book is a geopolitical ‘guidebook’ illustrated richly provides foresight into current global processes based on geographic, economic and urban research.

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Books that break the mould this bank holiday weekend

LID Publishing have put together the best books that break the mould this bank holiday weekend. With everything from project management, to branding, to the crucial need to feedback and geopolitics, we have something for everyone.

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Why Is Geography Important in a Globalizing World?

The 21st century is the era of knowledge and creativity where education and innovation are the most important investments. Knowledge is the currency of the future. When drawn knowledge, the map of the 21st century can be utilized to discover and understand this new world. Geofusion: The Power of Geography…

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