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Penny Mallinson

Wellbeing: The art of caring for yourself

The Zone of Connection is a simple but powerful practice to transform your life in just five minutes a day. Today the authors Sue Coyne and Penny Mallinson give us an insight into the art of caring for yourself.

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How the Zone of Connection has changed me | Belinda Peters

Belinda Peters has been working as an actress in Theatre, Television and Film for over fifteen years. She also works extensively in corporate Training and VoiceOver. Today, we hear how The Zone of Connection has changed her for the better. 1) When were you introduced to the concept of The Connection…

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Global Wellness Day with The Zone of Connection

This Saturday 8th June is Global Wellness Day. It is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project created by volunteers who are dedicated to living well. To get ready for Global Wellness Day, we hear from Sue Coyne and Penny Mallinson, authors of The Zone of Connection, on how to stay…

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How to celebrate World Health Day

With this Sunday 7th April being World Health Day, we bring you our latest book The Zone of Connection: Shift Your Energy To Love, Happiness and Beyond. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed and as if you are living your life on autopilot? When we are disconnected from our true…

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Go beyond mindfulness with The Zone of Connection

Using Sue Coyne and Penny Mallinson’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, The Zone of Connection goes beyond mindfulness with practical exercises, showing you how to shift from being on autopilot to one of full connection and experiencing flow in all areas of your life. With simple but powerful techniques, stemming from research into neuro and quantum science, you…

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