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Simon Tyler

Mental Health Awareness Week with The Keep It Simple Book

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 will take place from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019. The theme for 2019 is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

Body image issues can affect all of us at any age. During the week we will be publishing new research, considering some of the reasons why our body image can impact the way that we feel, campaigning for change and publishing practical tools.

Since our first Mental Health Awareness Week in 2001, we’ve raised awareness of topics like stress, relationships, loneliness, altruism, sleep, alcohol and friendship. This year, with your support, we want to reach more people than ever!

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, this week on the LID Publishing blog, we are taking guidance from some of our wellbeing authors, who give top tips on how to maintain a healthy mind.

Today, we look to Simon Tyler, author of The Keep It Simple Book.

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Light reads to pack in your hand luggage

With people trying to grab hold of the last of the summer sun, holidays are still in full swing globally. LID Publishing has put together the best of our books to fit into your hand luggage for those short breaks abroad.

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Positive attitude equals positive results

Author Simon Tyler joins LID Radio Podcast to talk about his new book in the Concise Advice series The Attitude Book. As human beings, we often find ourselves locked into certain habits, patterns, and behaviours. However, that is not to say we do not have a choice. Especially when it comes to our attitude toward people, situations, and outcomes. They discuss the various ways of how we can shift our attitudes in a positive direction plus how to handle negative outlooks and long-term sustainability within teams and organisations.

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Saying No Nicely

The Attitude Book by Simon Tyler helps you discover how your attitude filters your approach and affects your stance, your reactions, and your words. This book will enable you to tune into and turn your attitude around. Dramatic, life shifting, positive change lies in the inspiration that this book will reveal to you.

The extract from The Attitude Book below explains how to say no nicely and let it positively affect your outcome.

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“Good evening, Mr Bond…”

Simon Tyler shares his insights into the impact we make in our every day lives through our appearance, in an extract from upcoming The Impact Book:

I haven’t yet worked with an international secret agent (to the best of my knowledge…), but I am inspired by 007’s impeccable dress sense and by how the character seemed to take full advantage of the secret behind clothing. Choice of clothing profoundly impacts your performance, confidence, business decision-making, effective- ness and your ability to perform at the highest level. Always dress to the tone of the occasion and, if in doubt, follow James Bond and dress with elegance. It’s always better to apologise for being over-dressed than under-dressed!

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Simon Tyler Gives Insight into the Impact of our Purpose

Simon Tyler is a much sought-after business coach, working with some of the world’s leading companies. His upcoming book The Impact Code provides 50 short but powerful ways to raise your impact level in business. Here, he shares some insight into understanding our purpose:

Where better to begin your impact journey than with purpose? The question “what is your purpose?” is timeless, most people have paused to contemplate this and just as many have given up, disillusioned by their inability to articulate their reason for being, to justify their existence on earth.

This first Impact Note is a foundation stone for your Impact Code, and seeks to unravel tangled thoughts and ways of going about this hunt for purpose.

Let’s be clear, purpose is not permanent; purpose is almost never one thing.
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