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Emma Serlin’s Thoughts on Theresa May’s Recent Speech With Cough and Interruption

Emma Serlin, author of ‘The Connection Book‘, and Founder of London Speech Workshop shares her thoughts on Theresa May’s recent speech and gives tips to help you overcome such public dilemmas.

Whether we like it or not, the worst can happen when giving a speech or important presentation, our body can behave in ways we really don’t want it to, and other people can also. As was the experience of our prime minister on her recent Tory Conference party speech when she was interrupted by not only her own coughing fit but also a heckler. So what do we do when the stars misalign, and coughs and heckles make an appearance? Here are some top tips to help you find the silver linings or at least, lessen the disruption.


BE PREPARED: Make sure you have lozenges, tissues, water and cough syrup to hand, so if the cough appears, you have what you need to nip it in the bud.

DRINK PLENTY:  Before the speech you should be lubricating your vocal chords by drinking plenty of room temperature water. This will moisten the vocal folds and prevent the throat from drying. Cough syrups and hot drinks are also good. Lemon and honey is a particularly effective cough combatant. The lemon will cut through the congestion and the anti-septic properties of honey will soothe your throat.

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