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How to develop your strengths

Author and leader of the Strengths movement Sally Bibb shares some insight into how to develop your strengths: The great thing about developing our strengths is that it’s not complicated, and we tend to become even more energised as we are developing them. It’s a very different experience from trying…

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Sally Bibb Speaks at EY Ability Conference

LID author Sally Bibb spoke at the inaugural EY Ability conference on November 30, hosted by Kate Nash OBE. Sally took part in a panel on The Power of Story-Telling, to encourage people to bring their whole selves to the workplace. This involves leadership creating the culture for people to…

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Sally Bibb shares her insights into business

On the eve of Sally Bibb’s launch event for The Strengths Book this evening, the author shares some of her top tips for women in business, with insights into launching your own business and the challenges people may face. Tell us what you do I run a business that discovers what makes people…

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What is a strength?

We’re just weeks away from the launch of The Strengths Book by Sally Bibb and to give you a small glimpse of what you can expect we’re sharing an extract from the book. A strength is something that someone is naturally good at, loves doing and is energized by. Our…

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