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The Attitude Book

Positive attitude equals positive results

Author Simon Tyler joins LID Radio Podcast to talk about his new book in the Concise Advice series The Attitude Book. As human beings, we often find ourselves locked into certain habits, patterns, and behaviours. However, that is not to say we do not have a choice. Especially when it…

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Saying No Nicely

The Attitude Book by Simon Tyler helps you discover how your attitude filters your approach and affects your stance, your reactions, and your words. This book will enable you to tune into and turn your attitude around. Dramatic, life shifting, positive change lies in the inspiration that this book will…

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LID Publishing New Releases

This week at LID Publishing we are rounding up all our new book releases. They include everything from changing your attitude to create positive change, or embracing people-centric styles of management, to ensuring that you can win big contracts through key techniques.

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Books to boost productivity

LID Publishing blog is bringing you all the books to boost your productivity. Whether it be focused on your health, your purpose or your attitude, we have created a list of the best books to keep you motivated in the heat.

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