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The Financial Wellbeing Book

How to improve the efficiency of your business

By Guest Contributor Marieta Bencheva   Ensuring you are efficient is critical for any business. Having inefficient processes will lead to wasted effort, money and time.  Such waste will, of course, will negatively impact the profitability and growth potential of the company. Additionally, inefficient processes tend to affect morale, frustrating…

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How can successful athletes make the move from sport to business?

By Guest Contributor Ferran Martínez  When you are enjoying your career as an athlete it can feel all-consuming and it’s hard to think ahead to when your sports career will end.  For athletes, their passion, drive perseverance will help them succeed.  To create and build a business from your sport…

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What can you do to improve your businesses processes?

By Guest Contributor Marieta Bencheva There is more to processes than you might imagine. Yes, they describe what needs to be done, how and in what order. However, they are also a key part of your business culture. They reflect your business values and the reasons you do what you…

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