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How to develop your strengths

Author and leader of the Strengths movement Sally Bibb shares some insight into how to develop your strengths:

The great thing about developing our strengths is that it’s not complicated, and we tend to become even more energised as we are developing them. It’s a very different experience from trying to x weaknesses, which can be draining.

Here’s a simple strategy for developing your strengths:

Awareness – Know what your strengths are in the first place. Make sure you ask others for feedback on these so that you uncover any hidden strengths you may not be aware of.

Application – Think about where you are applying your strengths in your life and how often.

Amplify – Look at how and when you could increase the use of your strengths.

Add to – Remember that your strengths are the ‘raw material’ that makes you who you are. To really excel you need to have knowledge as well as skills.

The Strengths book is available here.

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