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The Wellbeing Book

Ways to lower your company and personal tax

By Guest Contributor Jonathan Amponsah   2020 is now underway. Did you have tax reduction as a New Year’s resolution? Whether you did or not it’s a good idea to consider ways that you can reduce your company and personal tax bills.

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The Importance of Sleep

Today is World Sleep Day, and to celebrate LID Publishing have collated the best quotes from our author’s on the importance of sleep for your productivity, health and wellbeing.

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Time To Talk Day

Today, 7th February is Take Time To Talk Day urging people to, however you do it, make a conversation about mental health. 

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How to have a quiet mind

With new year’s resolutions still a hot topic, many are following the positive trend of self-care and making wellbeing resolutions. LID Publishing looks to the experts to give top tips on How To Have A Quiet Mind for your best and happiest year yet.

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Give It A Rest

Andrew Sharman, the author of The Wellbeing Book, wants us all to Give It A Rest. In aid of the Festival of Sleep Day today, we are sharing an extract from his latest book, The Wellbeing Book, all about how to make the most of our sleep to improve your…

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