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Agile By Choice

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14 nudges to think about how to use your talents to their full potential, perform at your peak and meet higher challenges

Written by a leading author and managerial influencer who is an influential member of the Drucker Society Europe

Founder and CEO of Agility Insights, the organization behind his test and a key focal point for his knowledge and expertise from the text

Agile is a key topic in management and leadership practices. It characterizes the importance of adaptability and readily responsive organizations to change, uncertainty and economic disaster

A sequential LID author who previously published The Performance Triangle and Management Design.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-911-671-06-0

Bookbinding: Paperback

Format: 216 x 138mm


LUKAS MICHEL is the owner of Agility Insights AG, based in Switzerland, and CEO of the AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET, a global network of experienced business mentors. Over the course of his 40-year career, he has worked with executive teams around the world, focusing on management and agility for a diverse range of local, national, and global organizations. Lukas is the author of The Performance Triangle, Management Design, People-Centric Management and Diagnostic Mentoring.


This book makes readers think about management and organization for today’s dynamic world. Agile By Choice offers many self-guided diagnostics and exercises that help you engage your team and develop agile organizations and management with people-centric features.

KITIKORN DOWPISET, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Business, Assumption University of Thailand, Bangkok

Leadership is one of the most challenging tasks in companies. At the core of good leadership is self-reflection and the ability to lead oneself. Agile by Choice contains the perfect guide to self-reflection and the development of more leadership skills.



Today’s dynamic business environment requires new ways to man- age, lead, work, and organize. Traditional paradigms of efficiency, agency theory, transactions and scale are replaced or augmented with principles that focus on people, self-organization, and purpose for greater innovation and growth.

To expand on his previous books, Lukas Michel presents new research, practical applications and the experience with People- Centric Management, agile organization and work on the system to establish new management where people unlock their talent, master greater challenges and perform at their peak.

The book offers the legendary People-Centric Diagnostic that forces the reader to decode and rethink the many assumptions underlying their management model and systems. In combination, the people-centric model, the three-step process and action agenda will help executives establish leadership everywhere to succeed in a dynamic environment.

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It is a new era. To win in an increasingly dynamic and volatile environment, leadership teams must be agile – they must be flexible enough to react to early signs and act on them quickly.

An agile company needs good decision-making at all levels – from the centre to the periphery, tapping into the full potential of the people, operating model, information technology and leadership practices. And decisions are made by people. This guide forces you to re-examine the assumptions underlying your leadership and how agility within your company can be built through a three-point, people-centric approach. The author’s insights will help you understand your options, make the choices required to successfully coach your team, and start creating agility as a competitive advantage today.

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Ebook, Hardcover

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