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Build Your Confidence on Stage

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How to perform on stage and present the best version of you for the greatest impact

Sabirul Islam is a confidence coach and public speaking professional with over 14 years in the game

The book and its content communicate the confidence brand- to improve your professional etiquette and perfect the communication of your craft

How to know your subjects, your  audience and enjoy your passion for potential financial rewards 

Public speaking is very difficult to master – the author covers the general norms and stereotypes which misinform this aspiration

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-191255-89-5 

FORMAT: 138 x 261 mm

Bookbinding: eBook

Page count: 232 pp


Sabirul Islam is world-renowned motivational speaker, author, facilitator and coach. Sabirul has inspired millions of people in 31 countries across the globe. He also developed the business board game, ‘Teen-Trepreneur, educating youth on financial literacy in developing nations. He is British-Bangladeshi and resides in the UK. 



A very insightful book. Sabirul hits the critical points on how to be a better public speaker… a must read!

Ketan Makwana, CEO & Chief Disruptor at Enterprise LAB

This book has everything an aspiring speaker needs to learn and practise in order to become a very impactful professional speaker – basically, it’s a speaker’s manual! I also think this book must be read by professional speakers, too – as a great reminder on how to really connect with the audience. I specifically love the part wheree Sabirul talks about public speaking as a business. That’s exactly what many speakers are missing out on – the ability to make it work as a profitable business. Sabirul educates them about it in this book.

Olga Geidane, Mindset Coach and Motivational Speaker at New Life Kick Start

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Ebook, Hardcover

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