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A practical application to improve, enhance and boost your brain performance.

Learn how to invest in your brain.

The book will guide you through brain fitness, brain functioning and brain programming.

Benefit from immediately applicable exercises and techniques.

Discover how to: Boost your performance, Enhance your memory, Improve your focus, Unleash your creativity.


Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-910649-73-2

FORMAT: 180 x 120mm

Bookbinding: Hardback

Number of pages: 128p


Phil Dobson BSc (Hons), MBPsS, DHyp, BSCH (Assoc). Phil is trainer, facilitator and coach, and the Founder of BrainWorkshops. He now works with organisation including the BBC, NBCUniversal, Jamie Oliver, Discovery Communications Europe, and Viacom International, providing brain-based training programmes that transform thinking and performance. Phil turns insights from neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy and mindfulness into applicable skills and techniques for the workplace.


As demands on our time and attention continue to grow, understanding the resulting brain strain and techniques for dealing with it are key to becoming more productive. The Brain Book provides a quick and easy way to test a variety of techniques and tools to improve your daily workflows.

Chris O’Neill, CEO, Evernote

This is not just an important book, this is a guide to life. We are never taught about our brain, how to use it and how to get the most out of it. If you are looking to improve your performance, creativity or even reduce stress then take this book wherever you go!

Jake Dubbins, Managing director, Media Bounty

If you could influence your brain and increase your performance, wouldn’t you want to know all you could? This book is your best starting point. Phil Dobson shares a perfect blend of science and stories while also describing simple and practical tips you can put in place immediately.

Judy Goldberg, Founder, Wondershift

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