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The Connection Quotient

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From emotions and empathy to the transformation of traditional business.

An honest experience from a powerful leader who suffered the common dualism of being successful but not fulfilled.

A previously published bestseller in the Dutch language – a concept he wants to transfer and activate globally into international markets.

A call to the modern workforce and the art of high performing teams.

Establishing the nuance to this term – The CQ – an intimate process that begins with the connections we make within ourselves, and the values these inhibit for external team and company interactions.

Book Details

Publisher: LID Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-912555-79-6

FORMAT: 216 x 138mm

Bookbinding: Paperback

Number of pages: 232


Marco Buschman is a leading expert, inspirational speaker and master certified coach. He specializes in facilitating and supporting organizations in creating high-performing cultures where results and productivity are combined with an atmosphere of trust, respect and an appreciation of differences.


The Connection Quotient shows us that bringing humanity to our workplaces and our relationships creates sustainable business results – and, ultimately, a more positive world. Marco Buschman is a champion for all leaders who put humanity first, day after day, and a challenger of those who do not.

Mike Carson, Partner, McKinsey & Co, Founding Partner, Aberkyn, and author The Manager – Inside the Minds of Football’s Leaders (Winchester, UK)

The Connection Quotient provides the reader with many references and practical tools to expand their leadership effectiveness. Starting with individual consciousness, Marco Buschman offers frameworks for reflection, exercises for personal discovery and shares his experience as a consultant and coach of executives and senior teams for those that want to lead teams, organizations and the larger context.

Felipe Paiva, Partner, Artisan Consultoria (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

Being a good ancestor today demand us to connect to build better futures for tomorrow. In The Connection Quotient, Marco invites us into a structures conversation where we can explore what connection means as a practice. It’s playful and sincere, emotional and rational, fun and hard work; like many of the best things life has to offer.

Charlie Ursell, Head of Advisory, Watershed Partners (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

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Ebook, Hardcover

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