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Angela Lane

Can people develop through feedback?

Fair Talk: Three Steps To Powerful Feedback by Sergey Gorbatov and Anglea Lane is a practical methodology that equips leaders with the ability to accurately assess barriers to performance and provides a simple three-step model for giving fair, focused and credible feedback. Readers will also learn how to build a…

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How to make behaviour change a habit

Today, we take a look at their advice on how to make behaviour change a habit so it becomes part of you and not something you have to consciously think about, from the authors of Fair Talk: Three steps to powerful feedback, Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov.

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Three steps to powerful feedback

Fair Talk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback is out now. Published by LID Publishing, and written by Sergey Gorbatov and Angela Lane. Gorbatov and Lane propose a simple, systematic approach to giving fair and honest feedback in ways that improve performance while engaging and developing employees.

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