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Building culture in your team and organisation

Matt Stephens, author of Revolution in a Heartbeat, and creator of the Heartbeat app, shares his business insights into the best way to build culture into your organisation and team:

Over 500 HR and Internal Communication practitioners have taken part in the trial of Heartbeat, a revolutionary online surveying tool. This has provided us with fantastic insight into what these leading practitioners view as important elements when building an organisation’s culture.

1 Good leadership

Looking at the comments, the most important thing for respondents is that their leader shows that they care about them and values their input. Employees need to feel that their leader has their best interests at heart and recognise the value that they bring to the team, the organization, and the customer.
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Leadership Matters welcomes LID author René Carayol as Ambassador

Leadership Matters welcomes René Carayol, LID author of SPIKE, in becoming an ambassador for their movement.

Leadership Matters is designed to give all schools access to the high quality leadership development that ultimately improves pupil educational outcomes. By giving school leaders the opportunity to actively develop their abilities around busy work schedules, they help to support executive heads as powerfully as aspiring middle leaders thinking about the next step.

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A simple story of successful leadership

Matt Stephens, author of Revolution in a Heartbeat- Using emotional insights to drive better business and Founder of the Heartbeat app (a dynamic, real-time app which takes the pulse of an organisation), shares in this piece a simple story of successful leadership.

“But we’ve told them a thousand times….” or words to that effect. We hear this a lot from exasperated executive teams when we give them Heartbeat results saying that people don’t know the organisation’s strategy. Often, they have done that, but in ways which fail to register with people, inspire them and help them play their part.

Senior leaders are very close to the strategy and have worked long and hard on getting it right. But this can often be a handicap when it comes to explaining it, and most importantly, getting others fired up and excited. They know too much detail and it’s hard to see the strategy from their audience’s viewpoint. We help by giving an external perspective, and asking the ‘dumb’ questions which can keep it simple. In doing this, we have found 5 key things which help:

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Why Mothers are Todays Best Leaders

Extraordinary times demands extraordinary leadership, this must become the era where we universally accept and look for women as leaders says Rene’ Carayol, author of Spike. Here’s his piece on why mothers are today’s leaders.

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it”.

– Mark Twain

As Mark Twain pithily points out, leaders today have to handle constant pressure well and need to allow their people the room to grow by making mistakes and learning from them.

What’s needed in these turbulent times is the feeling that our boss cares for us and supports us especially in times of uncertainty. Leadership today is altruism.

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A note from Sayin Siang, author of The Launch Book

Sanyin Siag, author of the upcoming ‘The Launch Book’ shared with us her personal reasons for writing the book.

She said: “I wrote The Launch Book to help others be brave in launching their ideas, businesses and the next phases of their careers. A lovely surprise is that writing this book and reflecting on lessons from personal interviews with serial launchers also helped me be braver, gain a deeper sense of self, and induct more wonderful people into my #LaunchTribe.”

she added: “I’m proud to share this book and excited for the European launch in London August 3 and US launch in NYC Sept 5! Thanks go to the LID Publishing team. Preorder here.”



Rene’ Carayol, leading executive coach kicked off the launch of his new book, Spike in sunny South Africa with Barclays Africa last week.  He talked to them about collaboration being the new leadership that will take them from ‘Good to Great’.

René shares the magic and simplicity of the SPIKE philosophy in this book.  He emphasises that in the world of SPIKE, there are no losers anymore – everyone has something they are great at!  Read More


Many people today are looking at other ways to understand their thinking and have used techniques such as mindfulness. Keiron Sparrowhawk, author of Executive Function: Cognitive Fitness For Business and CEO of MyCognition says mindfulness can be very powerful . He explains in his book that through meditation you bring your mind and senses to consider your current situation; you bring yourself  to “now”. Mindfulness brings your mind to the present and effectively says, “Here and now you are in a good situation, so stop worrying about the past and the future.” The technique works for millions of mindfulness practitioners, but be careful, there may be a price to pay for being in the “now”. Here is an extract from his book explaining why.

Episodic memory is your ability to recall specific events and to recall the outcomes, the people, and places associated with those events. It is your wisdom and increases as you go round the block a few times, building your experience reservoir as you go. However, with a strong episodic memory you find you accumulate the wisdom quicker than your peers. You are the Curator of your company’s values and knowledge.

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Join us on our webinar with Gihan Perera, online expert, futurist and author of “The Future of Leadership”, as he shares the key principles for nurturing talent in a distributed team on Tuesday 31st January at 11am UK time.


The workplace – and what employees want from it – has changed over the years. The standard workplace of the past was an office with everybody working the same hours, at the same time, in the same place, focussed on the same goals. Modern workplaces are different, with distributed teams working from different places, in different time zones, and with different motivation. Leaders who understand the needs of their distributed teams members will increase productivity, retain the best talent, and achieve their personal and professional goals.


What you will learn:

  • Build a team culture, even when team members don’t work in the same office
  • Increase productivity and collaboration in your distributed team
    Align everybody’s personal and professional goals
  • Involve remote team members fully in day-to-day operations

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Simon Tyler, business coach, mentor and speaker, who works with some of the world’s leading companies, shares his secrets to enhance your presence and impact, in his book, ‘The Impact Code.’


Here are 5 tips to good leadership:





1) Visual Impact

Visual impact is the driving force within many social interactions. We already know this, but we have decoded what our choice of clothes says about us. Visual impact is not necessarily about looking smart all the time or wearing new items of clothing every week; it is about understanding the nuances of visual messaging and exploiting these to make our message clear.

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