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Positive Mental Health

How to address loneliness with Andrew Kinder

By  Guest Contributor Andrew Kinder Although social distancing and lockdown has allowed many of us to get the to-do lists done and have the flexibility of working from home, it has also cut off our social connections. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. You can be surrounded…

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How to create a sense of home in lockdown

By  Guest Contributor Katia Vlachos While it might feel counterintuitive to be reading an article about finding home in times of social isolation and home confinement (aren’t we all stuck at home?), the reality is that house and home are not the same thing. For many of us, home confinement…

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It’s time to create human moments

By  Guest Contributor Dr Amy Bradley During this global pandemic, we are all navigating a new normal. Faced with restrictions to our daily movement, most of us are now working remotely and are reliant on technology as our only means of communication with work colleagues. This means no more lunchtime…

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Developing an employee Wellbeing Plan for your business

By  Guest Contributor Craig Bulow In the UK we have a 45-year-old Health & Safety Act, updated in 1999 by The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. The update required employers to make arrangements to ensure the health and safety of their employees but in neither law are…

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