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wake up and smell the coffee

Teamwork: New skills for a new world by Dr Simon Mac Rory

Guest contributor Dr Simon Mac Rory Leaders must demonstrate a comfort and capability in not just personal proficiency with the tools and skills of video conferencing, they must also be able to coach and support their teams in using the available technology, but also in the required on-line behaviours and…

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Teamwork Relaunched by Dr Simon Mac Rory

Guest contributor Simon Mac Rory  It is never too late to start afresh. A key recommendation for all leaders who now find themselves managing their teams remotely is to Stop. Take some time out. Re-boot the team to establish absolute clarity about “What” we do and more importantly “How” we…

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Teamwork Revisited by Dr Simon Mac Rory

Guest contributor Dr Simon Mac Rory  For those organisations fortunate to still have work in these chaotic times, it’s more likely than not to be delivered by remote teams. The leadership practices and behaviours required are substantially different from managing a co-located team. Leaders must recognise the need to adopt…

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Simon Mac Rory featured on Forbes Online

Who’s The Better Leader – Gareth Southgate Or Theresa May? Simon Mac Rory recently wrote an opinion piece comparing Theresa May and Gareth Southgate’s team leadership in achieving their goals of Brexit and the World Cup respectively. These views were featured on Forbes Online.

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Simon Mac Rory on LID Radio Podcast

Author Simon Mac Rory joins us to talk about his new book Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and what it takes to create and empower teams in today’s ever-evolving work environment.

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Dublin Book event

Last week LID Publishing held a Dublin book event for Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by Simon Mac Rory. The panel was chaired by Vincent Wall, Business Editor for Newstalk 106, and they discussed the need for change in modern teams and team management.

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